Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deployment Is Over !

Hello My Crafty friends :)
Well i haven't posted for quite a bit but just have been extra busy preparing for this day that i thought would never come !
 The hubby is back tomorrow after a 6 month Deployment wohoooooooooo !!
 So for that big special day i made a poster to take to Homecoming !! 
For the poster i used a few carts :) 
Here ya go !
 The letters are from Birthday Cakes and i added some small black dots on them for a bit of detail . 
The yellow ribbons are from stand and salute which i used the border feature which worked perfect because they were already welded together . 
The big heart is a tag from Once Upon A Princes i just made it huge ! and of course added some white stitching 
The anchors and the sailor hat are also from stand and salute and i added the shadow feature to the anchors so they can look a little bigger and cover up more space on the poster board !
 And to the hat just some black stitching  .. 
And this is how it turned out !!
Hope you guys liked it and see ya next time my crafty friends ! 
Love - Cynthia ! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Shower !

Happy Scrapbooking National Day !
Well im finally back home in San Diego once again and hopefully i can get back into challenges since im still super busy but i will try my best :) 
I will be showing you the decorations i made with my wonderful cricut :) !
This was the banner i made with my Sugar and Spice cartridge for the strollers .
The actual banner and base are from Twinkle Toes and the lettering i don't remember :(
I also got pintret inspired and finally did something from the one million things i have pinned lol ! 
These super cute tissue pom poms they turned out super and gave it such a girly look they are a bit time consuming but are totally worth it and so simple to make :)
 And last but not Least my centerpieces these are fresh flowers :) The stroller was from Sugar And Spice and the Girl stork was from the cart Nine Months :) I used peachy keen critter face for the storks eye and the baby face for the baby .
All of this was so time consuming and i did it all by my self but so well worth it :) 
I cant wait to scrapbook these pictures maybe in a few years lol !! 
hope u enjoyed my creations :)
See ya in the next challenges my crafty friends :)
-Love Cynthia